A Vision for Mercer Island

Craig Reynolds PortraitMy name is Craig Reynolds, and I ask for your vote for the Mercer Island City Council.

Mercer Island is a special community.  We have 475 acres of park land, incredible natural beauty in a near-perfect location next to a major city, a full-service community and events center, an amazing school system, easy car and mass transit access to Seattle and eastside suburbs, locally controlled emergency services, and a publicly funded youth and family services program to provide a social safety net with help for those who need it.  And more importantly, we have an educated, passionate, and caring population with an active commitment to volunteerism and community service.   I have lived in many cities around the country, and none of the others provide the quality of life that Mercer Island provides.

It is difficult to imagine a community with more natural advantages than ours.  But what we do with these natural advantages will determine what kind of city we become.  I believe that much of what makes this city wonderful is the collection of services that our city provides.  Together, working as one through our city government, we can make our city a better place.

The next few years will be very challenging for Mercer Island.  But each challenge creates opportunities.  We can look at pending challenges and fight all change in an attempt to preserve the city we have, or we can step forward to meet each challenge, to make the city what it can be.   I prefer the latter option, and, with your vote and your help.  I will work to make Mercer Island an even nicer place to live, while simultaneously preserving all that we love. 

In a nutshell, making Mercer Island better means finding a way to say yes.  Yes to opportunity.  Yes to positive change.  And yes to preservation of that which makes us great.

Please join me in the campaign by adding your name on the "Endorse" tab.  You can visit the "Endorsements" tab to see friends and neighbors who have already done so.   







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