Here is a sampling of some things Islanders say about Craig:


Jen Flood: “Craig cares deeply about Mercer Island and ensuring that every member of our community thrives. He's already dedicated hundreds of volunteer hours to volunteering for the city, so I know he'll be committed to putting in the time and work on the council to make thoughtful, disciplined decisions. I also value and respect his deep integrity - I'd be proud to have him represent us.”

Terry Moreman, retired Executive Director of the Mercer Island Chamber of Commerce: " Craig is thoughtful, articulate, analytical, and open minded.   He has the skills the Council needs.” 

Brad Fowler: "I have known Craig since 1989, when he joined the firm at which I was working.  He is collaborative, open-minded,  and focused on problem solving and fact-based analysis for decision-making. Craig is a welcome presence at the table where difficult issues require action."

Steve and Diane Smith: “Craig will be a superb City Council member. He has a sophisticated understanding of municipal financial issues. He is also fair minded, willing to listen and courageous.”

Tim Hunkapiller:  “It's important that Mercer Island move forward based on facts and a sense of decency. I trust Craig to represent us well in both regards.”

Ken Glass“Craig would be a terrific addition to the City Council – he has the right temperament, he listens and his experience as an actuary is exactly what Mercer Island needs now.”

Lynda Olson:  "I have found Craig to be consistently honest, candid and transparent, and open minded. He listens and communicates respectfully even when he disagrees. He is a proponent of fact-based decision making. He believes in solutions that are realistic and maximize benefits for the most number of Islanders."

Brian Thomas:  "Craig showed a clear and consistent commitment to digging into the data, was detail-oriented without losing sight of the big picture, and worked very hard to understand all viewpoints.

Kate and Tom Lamperti:  "...we are grateful that Craig recognizes the benefit of the parks and green spaces, arts education and enrichment, and the strength that comes with inclusivity. He has modeled his values as a committed volunteer and welcoming neighbor."

Jody Lee:  "Craig has a strong sense of community and has shown repeatedly that he is willing to put his time and energy to bring positive change."


Below please find a partial list of Islanders who have endorsed Craig Reynolds for City Council


Elected Officials

Bruce Bassett
Debbie  Bertlin
Dow Constantine
Tracy Drinkwater
Tana Senn
Adam Smith
My-Linh Thai
Wendy Weiker
Lisa Wellman
Benson Wong

Other Islanders

Amy Anderson
Jeanne Ballot
Nannette Bassett
Abbie Birmingham
Nathaniel Block
Carolyn Boatsman
David Boyle
Pat Braman
Carole Branom
Candy Bretschneider
Dale Bretschneider
Susan Brye
Connie Carson
Lisa Casterella
Peter Casterella
Bill Chapman
Judy Clibborn
Lori Cohen-Sanford
Jonathan Conradt
Paneen Davidson
David de Yarza
Lenore Defliese
Phil Defliese
Dina Deitz
Paulette Denman
Blair Destro
Tam Dinh
Barb Dire
Peter Donaldson
Brian Emanuels
Rae Ann Engdahl
Brad Felker
Tammy Felker
Jen Flood
Bruce Flynn
Mary Ann Flynn
Brad Fowler
Filip Francke
Glory Francke
Carol Friends
Deanna Fuehne
Ken Glass
Kirk Griffin
Dan Grove
Elizabeth Hardesty
Jenny Harrington
Andy Harris
Carol Harris
John Gordon Hill
William Hochberg
Kevin Hockley
Denise Hopkins
Dave Hullin
Judith Hullin
Sally Hull
Tim Hunkapiller
Linda Jackman
Jerry Kavesh
Michelle Kavesh
Bob Klein
Dale Klein
Robin Klevansky
Jeff Koontz
Suzanne Koontz
Jody Kris
Katharine Lamperti
Jody Lee
Nancy Lee
Roberta Lewandowski
Emily Lewis
Lisa Li
Robin Li
Mary Lloyd
Sarah Mangold
Terry Mark
John Martin
Sally Martin
Bob Masin
Cindy Masin
Jack McHale
Laurie McHale
Leslie Meagley
Jennifer Mechem
Bob Meyer-Braham
Jane Meyer-Braham
Kevin Millison
Katherine Molnar
Terry Moreman
Gail Morrison
Norm Morrison
Toni Mortimer
Genevieve Morton
Harriett Morton
Paramita Mukherjee
Jennifer Muscatel
Melissa Neher
Elliot Newman
Bob Olson
Lynda Olson
Peter Ory
Gillian Peckham
Anthony Perez
Sharon Perez
Sharon Perez
Winston Peterson
Barb Potwhnior
Terry Pottmeyer
Jessica Prince
Kim Rice
Jodie Ricklefs
Lowell Ricklefs
Heather Ring
Monica Robbins
Ronn Robinson
Ellie Roser
Bonnie Sanborn
Julie Sarkissian
James Sayre
Stuart Scarff
David Schiffrin
Dennis Schilling
Sandra Schilling
David Schriffin
Vivian Schwab
Norman Scott
Patricia Scott
Jennifer Selby
Sandra Selby
Jonathan Shakes
Steve Sheppard
Orm Sherwood
Sue Sherwood
Sharat Shroff
Bharat Shyam
Suzanne Skone
Scott Smith
Stephen Smith
Geoff Spelman
Robert Spitzer
Roxanne Springwale
Janet Stafford
James Stanton
Jolanne Stanton
John Stewart
Toby Suhm
Brian Thomas
Robert Thorpe
Maggie Tai Tucker
Pat Turner
Jan Voit
Ulrick Wallin
David Weber
Ted Weinberg
Connie Wettack
Tim Wettack
Sarah Wolz
Kwan Wong




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King County Democrats
Washington Alliance for Gun Responsibility
Planned Parenthood Votes Northwest and Hawaii
Washington Conservation Voters
Washington Bikes
Eastside Business Alliance
Transportation for Washington
Equal Rights Washington


Washington Alliance for Gun Responsibility

KC Democrats

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