My career as an actuary and my volunteer experience, both locally and professionally, have helped me to develop skills that the city needs.

Strategic leadership and financial management

I have had a 34-year career as an actuary focusing on understanding, forecasting, quantifying, and mitigating future financial risks for some of the largest financial services firms in the world. This work requires creativity, a sharp pencil, mathematical and business skills, and dogged determination---all of which I will bring to the table.

Understanding the city’s financial and land use issues

Many issues before the City Council relate to land use or financial issues.

Since July 2018, I have served on the Mercer Island Planning Commission, the City’s principal body for reviewing land use issues where I have worked extensively on such issues as updates to the comprehensive plan, the critical areas ordinance, and the shoreline master plan.

Additionally, I served on the Community Advisory Group in 2017 and 2018. I dedicated myself to objective fact-based analysis of the city’s financial challenges, as well as creative problem solving with an open mind.

Leadership on complex issues

I recently completed my term as President of the Society of Actuaries, a professional organization of 30,000 members and an annual budget of approximately $50 million, which makes it comparable in size to Mercer Island. Teamwork, coalition building, vision, fact-based decision making, and effective communication were key to success in this position.

Commitment to collaboration

No council member can accomplish anything alone. I am a dedicated coalition builder and focused on creating consensus. I am committed to keeping an open mind to all solutions in order to maximize value to the community. In my planning commission service I have a proven record of working with other commissioners to reach solutions that have broad consensus and that are satisfactory to a significant majority of island residents.

Community service

I recently worked with the Actuarial Foundation to set up a mathematics tutoring program at Franklin High School, where a team of my colleagues help kids succeed by giving back to the community. Visit this link to learn more. Like most Islanders, I recognize that giving back to our community makes our community stronger.


I have a degree in mathematics from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.   I earned my Fellowship in the Society of Actuaries in 1989 after completing a series of challenging examinations on topics including probability and statistics, operations research, numerical analysis, law, finance, investments, financial reporting, accounting, and financial forecasting.

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