Mercer Island, like the rest of the Puget Sound region, is growing and evolving, constantly facing new choices and opportunities. Islanders cannot anticipate every decision the Council will have to make in a four-year term. The best decisions are based on data and facts and will reflect thoughtful analysis and community input. Decisions must be consistent with consensus city priorities and values. Below you will find a summary of some of the key values I will bring to the Council.

Keeping Mercer Island’s special character

I care deeply about this island. I will devote myself to building connections and community while planning for the future. I will work to preserve the residential feel of the island and protect the features that attracted us to the place we call home.

A commitment to finding win-win solutions

On the City Council, I will work to find solutions that have the greatest benefits for all Islanders. An effective city government is most effective when members work together for the good of the city and its residents. I am committed to collaborating to find such solutions.

Modeling respectful and effective communication

I will speak respectfully and listen attentively to all Islanders, irrespective of where they stand politically. We all have a stake in this community, and each of us brings unique and valued perspectives. I will likewise encourage respectful communication by others in and outside of government.

I will strive for consistent city communication that explains not only what decisions are made, but why. I will seek regular citizen input during the campaign and as a Council Member.

Understanding the community’s priorities

The role of the Council is to listen to the community and bring together our many voices. The City does not have the resources to provide all of the services we all want. I am dedicated to listening and understanding the community’s priorities as a foundation for decision making.

Governing accountability

I have heard consistently that Islanders want a full-service city that is a wise steward of taxpayer dollars. I will use my financial management skills to ensure the city delivers on its commitments to residents, providing the services that islanders most value.

Embracing new opportunities

As the world changes around us, we need to keep Mercer Island safe, beautiful, and vibrant and embrace opportunities to make it even better.

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